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Get your cloud-hosted geo-database & access to an advanced geolocation developer toolkit in seconds.

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Instant Access

Get your own fully functional geoenabled PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service in seconds. Focus on hacking instead of servers, config files and updates. With SpacialDB you always have the latest version of PostgreSQL and PostGIS to work with.


We grow with you. Start off for free and pick the plan you need as your database grows in size.

Protection & Backup

Your data is safe with us. All our connections are SSL secured and your data is backed up continuously.


PostgreSQL is a reliable and powerful object-relational opensource database. PostgreSQL is ACID-compliant and offers Multi Version Concurrency Control and asynchronous replication. It also supports a wide range of data types including foreign keys, large binary objects or key-value storage.

Spatial Queries with PostGIS

PostGIS is an extension to PostgreSQL which turns your database into a powerful geodatabase. Our databases automatically come with the latest version of PostGIS to enable you to build advanced geolocation applications. PostGIS let's you save complex objects including polylines or polygons and support a stack of inbuilt geolocation functions.


No matter what client or what programming language you are using, you will be able to access your database. PostgreSQL supports most programming languages including Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, C/C++ or .Net.


We offer three plans dependent on the size of your database. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to suit your needs best.


We have an extensive documentation and FAQ listings to answer your questions and help you get started. If you need anything else, we are always here for you. Contact our Support Center.

Analytics Coming soon!

All analytics are readily available for you on your dashboard. Via the dashboard you can monitor the state and the performance of your databases or check how long your queries took.

Mobile API Coming soon!

We are releasing our mobile API later this year. Connect to your database via our RESTful API from your web or mobile app.

Geo Suite Coming soon!

For all geolocation app developers: we are releasing a stack of out-of-the box geofunctions including ready-made routing functions & geofencing.

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    Caritas Germany

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